Install Rancher on Private Server for Production Use

I’m looking to install Harvester+Rancher on a standalone server but the installation instructions got me a bit confused:

From the harvester install docs:

Use one of the following guides to deploy and provision Rancher and a Kubernetes cluster with the provider of your choice:

AWS (uses Terraform)
AWS Marketplace (uses Amazon EKS)
Azure (uses Terraform)
DigitalOcean (uses Terraform)
GCP (uses Terraform)
Hetzner Cloud (uses Terraform)
Equinix Metal

The doc then goes ahead to explicitly prohibit install Rancher with Docker for production use.

Does this mean then that one cannot run Rancher cluster in a private data centre? The whole reason we are going this route is to avoid using public cloud.

Hi! Check out this guide on how to deploy Rancher on your own server.

This will deploy a cluster with a single node with Rancher on it.

Indeed, AFAIK, you should avoid running Rancher on as a docker container, but you can still run Rancher on your private data center.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile: