Still advisable to run Rancher in Docker container?


I’m looking at getting into Kubernetes with Rancher as management platform. I have been using Docker for some time, so I am not totally green, but I have a lot to learn.

My plan is to run Rancher and Kubernetes on the same single host, hence deploying it through Vsphere in a Ubuntu 20.04 VM following this guide: Rancher Docs: Installing Rancher on a Single Node Using Docker

I wonder if it’s still advisable to run Rancher in a Docker container this way, now that Docker is to be deprecated ?

If not, would it be better to install Kubernetes and Rancher directly on top of Ubuntu ?

Thanks in advance
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I m using vm-workstation - centos 7 - rancher 2.5 as combination without any problems.

Hi Ralf

Are you running Rancher in Docker container then, or did you install it directly on Centos ?
Wondering if it would be the way to go to run it in Docker, now that Docker support is being deprecated, if I am understanding it right.

Rancher plain on centos with docker run.
It is an easy and painless way to use the complex setup of kubernetes.
Another solution may be to use a redhat developer account and play around with openshift to compare different solutions.

Okay, thanks for the information. Will have to look at it.