Integrating jira with openldap


I have integrated jira with open ldap and the connection was succesfull.

I have tried to make connection in two ways.

1). When I connected giving the read-write permission, I was able to see
the LDAP users in jira.When I added them in any jira groups, they were
able to login and perform the tasks as required.

But my question is, when I am trying to delete the Ldap users in jira,
they are getting deleted from jira users plus the ldap server.

I just wanted to know that, is there a way by which on deleting users,
it only gets deletd from jira and not from the LDAP server since my
other applications like bamboo and bitbucket are also using the users
from the same LDAP server.

  1. When I connected giving only read permission, I was unable to add LDAP users in the jira groups, hence was unable to login.

Just wanted to know, Is there a way by which we can add LDAP users with
read permissions only to any of the jira groups like jira-administrator

Please provide details for the above task.

You would probably have better luck with this asking on a forum specifically for JIRA…