Internal and external network suggestion

I am trying to learn kubernetes and rancher. Here is what i want to accomplish :

  1. I have few docker containers which i want to service only from my internal network using
  2. I have same as above but those containers will be accessible from internet on

What i have at the moment is following :

  1. Rancher server
  2. RancherOS to be used for the cluster and as one node
  3. I have made a cluster and added the node from 2. and disabled the nginx controller.
  4. Install traefik app
  5. I have forwarded port 80, 443 to my node.
  6. Added few containers
  7. Added ingress rules

So at the moments it works with the external network. I can write from the internet and everything works as it should.

Now my problem is how can i add the internal network now ?

Do i create another cluster ? Another node on the same host ? Should i install two traefik and then use class in ingress for the internal stuff ?

My idea was to add another ip to the same interface on the rancheros then add another node on the same host but with the other ip but i can’t get it to work. Rancher sees both nodes with the same name and doesn’t use the information i give it i mean --address when creating the node. Of course even when i do this it would require that i setup a DNS server internally so it knows which domains are served internally but i haven’t done that yet since i can’t seem to figure out how to handle the two ip on the host and use them in two different nodes. I am unsure what is require, maybe it’s the wrong route i am going.

I would appreciate if somebody had some ideas.