Invalid Name Creating Cluster with Openstack Node Driver


I’m attempting to create a k8s cluster in a fresh Rancher 2.6 docker install. I’m using the OpenStack node driver to connect to OpenStack Ussuri. Creating the cluster using RKE2, after inputting all the various values I can see the ssh keypair get created (and confirmed in openstack), but I get an error about an invalid name.

Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: Bad request with: [POST https://**********:8774/v2.1/servers], error message: {"badRequest": {"code": 400, "message": "An invalid 'name' value was provided. The name must be: printable characters. Can not start or end with whitespace."}}

Even running the logging on TRACE I can’t figure out what name is being passed that’s not valid. Rancher itself is creating the VM name. I’m not doing any sort of custom name.

Does anyone have any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?

Thank You.