Is a RancherOS ZFS Setup possible with cloud-config.yml possible?

hi there,

i was wondering if its possible to do the whole zfs setup directly via cloud-config.yml.
i saw some workarounds via shell scripting in the cloud-config but wanted to ask first if there is a official way via config file.

RancherOS ZFS Docs:

cheers maik


Hi, noob here,

Is it possible to have a pre-configured image for pxe booting, or what am I missing?
Also, it would be great to have zfs as the default filesystem for docker.

Responding here because this looks like it’s along the same line.

you can already PXE boot RancherOS - see

wrt zfs - more dev time needed :slight_smile: wanna have a go?

Oh boy, if I could I would try, but I have to keep studying machine learning / data science