Is it safe to run 'docker system prune' on a cluster node?


Topic says it really.

Also along these lines, should I expect Rancher to keep containers tidy on nodes, or do I need to clean up every now and then? I ask since I just rebooted a node and ‘docker ps -a’ shows there are several exited containers that have apparently been replaced by newer containers with similar names.


Docker does not do any housecleaning on containers/images/volumes/networks. That is on the administrator to take care of. I have a cron job set up weekly that does docker system prune -af on all of my Kubernetes hosts.


Kubernetes has its own garbage collection system:

It’s probably not a good idea for you to run stuff yourself, as it could potentially confuse Kubernetes. Instead, configure the Kubernetes garbage collector directly.


Thanks for the responses. Knowing that gc is happening on the k8s level w/ kubelet is just what I needed! Also, thanks for the link so I can understand it’s behavior and tweaks if needed.