Is the following infra possible with Rancher 2.x

Hello Everyone!

So I am new to rancher and currently exploring its limitations. Needed to ask experts if the following infrastructure is possible?
If so, would you be able to direct me to where I should start?

Basically, the rancher/rancher container needs to be running on Azure. And the different nodes need to be on different cloud providers with the exception of one worker node that needs to be on premise along with a DB.
Moreover, if the cluster needs to access the DB, it needs to do so via the local VM node.

Looking forward to your responses!
Thanks in advance!

Hasan Khan

Possible, maybe. You would have the rancher/rancher container running as a single node install. HA would not be possible as HA is currently designed to run on top of RKE. You’re also going to need to run cluster per cloud unless you find a way to share a host subnet across clouds, or manually update routing rules across clouds.