Is the location for 'cib.xml' changed in SLEHA11 SP3


In SLEHA 11 , the file ‘cib.xml’ was located in ‘/var/lib/heartbeat/crm/’.
But in 11 SP3, this file is located in ‘/var/lib/pacemaker/cib/’ .
Please let me know [COLOR="#B22222"]from which version of SLEHA was this file move[/COLOR]d to the new location ?


Looking at the pacemaker change log it would appear it was;

* Mon Sep 17 2012
- cib: Move cib.xml out of the heartbeat tree for new installations

I would imagine upgrades it wouldn’t change, but a fresh install would…

Thanks for the reply!
Is the file ‘cib.xml’ an optional file in 11 SP3? If yes, from where else is the configuration read from ?
I am asking this because we have a cluster node (11SP3) which does not have a cib.xml .
Still commands like 'crm_mon ’ are running.