SLES11 SP4 cluster configuration move to SLES12 SP1 how to

Hello All
Is there a supported way to backup a SLES cluster configuration from a source server (running SLES 11 SP4 ) to restore it to a target server (running SLES 12 SP1) ?
In an attempt to move from SAP HANA 1.0 to SAP HANA2.0 on IBM Power Servers, with a 2 nodes SLES Cluster configured for HANA system replication, is there another way than recreating all of the cluster resources to the target server ?

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Hi Patrick,

if you’re talking about Pacemaker resource configuration, you could always use the cib tools to export XML on the old cluster and import it on the new.

Depending on the various resource definitions, you may of course need to adjust parameters to fit the new runtime environment, but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

You’ll likely have to adopt to the systemd changes, too.

All this can be done in the XML file, which then can be imported to populate the new CIB.

Oh, and a word of warning: I have noSAP hands-on experience (yet), so YMMV and above statements are most likely to be incomplete…


Hi j, thanks for your reply… i could export then import the cib content from source system to target … as you mention i had to adjust some parameters … even if my cluster wasn’t totaly “online” … the process works … however i have to investigate a bit further the differences in the cluster CIb between sles11 and sles12.