Is there any workaround to convert a cluster to not use an rke template

While trying features, I created and applied an rke template by mistake. (I expected to create a template from the cluster, without “linking” to it.)

Is there any workaround to undo this? Restoring a snapshot does not undo. By the way, it would be interesting to know what is not included when restoring a snapshot. I hope this is the only exception.

feature request:

Snapshots are of the etcd for the cluster and backup what is “inside” of it. The definition of the cluster itself and other global resources are not part of that; they would be in a backup of the management cluster (or docker container for the single container install).

So a workaround is to restore a backup as written in

My understanding was that the cluster was in the snapshot as well, because of the text

When Rancher creates a snapshot, it includes three components

  • The cluster configuration in the form of the cluster.yml

from , and
because I can select what to restore: etcd only, etcd and Kubernetes version, or etcd, Kubernetes version and cluster configuration