Restore Snapshot :- unable to restore etcd snapshot using rke

Hello all,
I’m trying to restore an rke cluster from an etcd snapshot, and i’m having some troubles.

I’ve followed the instructions in the docs -

I am facing issue in 4th step( Restoring from a Local Snapshot). Iam running below restore command inside master node /opt/rke etcd-snapshots/ folder.

Executing command:- rke etcd snapshot-restore --config cluster.yml --name snapshot-test
(snapshot-test is a local snapshot which is taken by using snapshot-save command from rke

Error:- FATA[0014] failed to start backup server on all etcd nodes: [Failed to run backup server container, container logs: time=“2020-03-20T03:56:20Z” level=fatal msg=“open /etc/kubernetes/ssl/kube-ca.pem: no such file or directory”]

we can see it is checking for kube-ca.pem file at /etc/kubernetes/ssl/kube-ca.pem location. I uploaded attached kube-ca.pem file as well but whenever we are running restore command it removes all clusters related data including etcd and trying to reconfigure but at that stage it gives certificate error as it was removed initially during restore script execution.

I am attaching screenshot for logs. Kindly help me to solve this issue if anyone can.

Thanks & Regards