Is this local scenario something for ROS?

just bumped of ROS and wonder whether it might be useful for my scenario

I am maintaining a local server for an office with 10 clients. Main Usage is providing a samba fileserver and an odoo server (currently running in a KVM).

Is this something that sanely is to be run from a docker environment using ROS?

The main goal of RancherOS is to be a minimal base OS so you can run Docker containers.

So if you have Docker container images for all the software you want to manage, or are interested in creating the images, sure.

But If you just want to install and run software from a traditional package manager like apt or yum, not so much.

sure, I would be running containers. not directly installing anything in the OS.
All applications I am currently using exist in the dockerworld.

Apart from that, how powerful is rancherOS in terms of filesystems? For example is it possible/thinkable to add a btrfs RAID1 to it or is such an apprach already kind of going against its general purpose or nature?