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I am a bit of a newbie to RancherOS and Kubernetes and am working with 3 physical servers that I wish to get set up so that I can deploy some docker containers and possibly migrate them around as needed.

I have just set up my first server with RancherOS and would like to ask if someone could guide me on the next step so that I can install what ever is needed to be able to have the web-based Kubernetes Dashboard like in the video on the site.

Also, do I need to put RancherOS on all of the physical servers so that the Kubernetes dashboard will be able to see them?

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RancherOS is a baseline OS for Docker use.

Rancher Server is the web dashboard. This doesn’t require you to use RancherOS for your nodes, though RancherOS is designed for it. You only need to run rancher-agent on your nodes to be able to use them as hosts in the Rancher Server.

There are some gotchas around Docker versions and Kubernetes, however, so I’d check compatibility on that before jumping in with RancherOS as I think it uses pretty new versions of Docker.

Thanks for getting back to me and for the useful information.

Basically, I am starting with 3 empty servers and have put RancherOS on one of them thus far.

I am trying to locate the documentation to install the Rancher Server, based upon your information, so that I can get it installed on the first one and then figure out how to get the remaining machines setup to receive container deployed to them.

Also, I have been looking through the Rancher Catalog and it seems to list a few containers that I want to install. For instance I need either a MySQL or MariaDB cluster of containers as well as an ElastiSearch cluster of containers and would like to spread them across the servers, or perhaps have them just on the same single physical server that I have put RancherOS on for testing and then migrate them to the other machines later.

Being new to all of this, I have been investigating various container OS’s and from what I can tell RancherOS and CoreOS are really good and/or evolving. I truly like the RancherOS minimalist approach and also containerizing even the system services. These factors have actually drawn me towards RancherOS over CoreOs but everything is still experimental at this stage to see which will work best for the project that we have underway.

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If youre just starting out with Rancher and RancherOS you may just want to use Cattle instead of Kubernetes.

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So then, do you know where the documentation is for installing and setting up the Rancher Server onto my newly installed RancherOS?

I am looking at the videos:

and I do not have anything running on port 8080 as in the videos so I am assuming that I still need to set up an additional package for the Rancher Server.

Would you know where this is located in the DOC’s perhaps as I have not found it yet?


Actually, I think that I just found it in the Rancher Docs.

I need to do a bit of reading.

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