iSCSI drive on SLES

I have installed SLES on Hyper-V using wirtual IDE drive, but max size of this drive is 120GB under SLES. In hyper-v i set 200GB to this .vhd. Please tell me how can i increase this drive or how can i add iSCSI drive as second partiton?


As always, the devil is in the details omitted. Hyper V on WHAT platform? Based on the 120GB limit, I’m betting Windows 2008 ( not R2 ) where Hyper V only supported the ATA standard ( hence ~120GB ). Under W2K8R2, this was improved to support the modern era. As for iSCSI, once you have SLES installed, you can go into YAST and configure iSCSI disks till the cows come home. Yast–> Network Services–> iSCSI initiator. Once you have your iSCSI devices configured, then you can go into the partitioner to create your mount points.

– Bob

its Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise and Sles 11.4 sp1
I wrote iSCSI but i mean drive on SCSI controler (under hyper-v).

I red that if i want to add disk lager than 120GB i shuld use virtual SCSI drive. I add 200GB drive under SCSI controler but i cant add this in SLES.

On 16/08/2012 08:54, mmichal wrote:

Sles 11.4 sp1[/color]

Sorry but that’s not a valid version of SLES!

Latest version of SLES11 is SP2 (SLES 11.2).

Please can you post the output from “cat /etc/*release” which will tell
us the actual version installed.


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sorry, my mistake.

[QUOTE]cat /etc/*release
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)