Iso app games for kids (educational)

Hi everyone, hope you’ve been having an excellent week so far :blush:

Small favor, I’m looking for a math related app game for kids where they can have fun but at the same time develop their math algebra skills.

I’m asking because I’d like to get my niece more motivated on her studies of science and math subjects and the one she needs the most help with is with math, specially during this summer where she has so much free time and there’s an opportunity to do something before the new school year starts. She’s in grade 4 and she’s already getting some math help with this app but it doesn’t provide much of the “fun game” part I’m looking for, it’s more of a traditional way of practicing math. In the area we live there aren’t many algebra tutors near me (or at least not ones that I like) that’s why the extra motivation of looking for an online tutor / online help tool, it doesn’t have to be free it could be a premium subscription, of course I’d prefer a free one specially with inflation hitting us all but I think of education of something one should not go cheap if possible. Some have told me that playing dominoes is good to develop math skills but I don’t know, at least I don’t see it, I never was good at math maybe that’s why :grin: .

Anyways, sorry for the long post, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


One of my cousins informed me that there is an app called Teacheron online tutions that requires a premium subscription. It’s fantastic.