Supporting schools with going digital - any soulmates around?

[{“insert”:"Hi all,
I’m supporting my son’s school in their attempts to move their teaching to digital channels. This made me realise that tis is a lot about experience - what are good tools, good practices, typical mistakes, etc.
I’m sure many of us do similar things. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to learn from form each other? So I thought I’d start this thread to see if anyone would like to join me and exchange how things are going in your school and what good practices might be worth repeating.
Let’s start with something concrete: I’ve been researching video conferencing tools (obviously) that might be suitable for a German primary school (kids aged 6-10) and ended up with a shortlist of or Jitsi. Anyone having any experience with these tools in a school context? Works on any device? Sound\/video quality? Reliable?
Hoping for interesting discussions & info exchanges!
Cheers, Tim

[{“insert”:“I have a tutoring studio in my building and they were having troubles “going digital”.
I showed them moodle (”},{“attributes”:{“link”:“https:\/\/\/”},“insert”:“https:\/\/\/) which is easy to use and “deploy”.”},{“insert”:"
It’s been going pretty well upon launch.

[{“insert”:"Moodle is a good one, it’s fairly widespread, and open source! And I think it’s even available to schools in Germany under favourable conditions IIRC - need to check that up.
How’s their experience with creating content within Moodle, are they using pre-defined modules only or have they done own stuff yet?

[{“insert”:"For the moment I only know of own stuff. But that’s and interesting question and I’ll ask, as soon as I see them :slight_smile: