Issue mounting local volumes

Hi team,

It might be a repeated topic but I didn’t find any solution at this if still wanting to use RD in my macOS.

Basically, I’m having many issues when running docker commands that are mounting volumes. The files inside the volumes are not being copies into the containers.

Also, sometimes permissions issues when not using the user directory are showed.

Any workaroud for this in Rancher Desktop 1.8.0 when using macOS?


@Xanna_T Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
You might want to look at updating Rancher-Desktop, it’s at version 1.12.3 these days?

Sorry, I already installed version 1.12.3 and same issue. Even I tried to change the VM Volumes settings to 9p as suggested in other forums but same issue.

It looks like there are some troubles with local volumes in RD.