Help Understanding Volumes

I have a NFS server running on FreeNas. Whenever I try to use it for a persistent volume the container always fails due to not having permissions to read. Well I have pretty much ruled out it being on the NFS server’s side as I can mount the volume from any computer and can create and read any files I want. This is purely a Rancher/Kubernetes problems as far as I can tell. These containers even wright to the directories fine. They write their data to it and then claim they can not read it. This is over multiple containers so I cant believe that it is due to some setup errors on their ends. Why is this a problem even if I give that NFS directory the same permissions as root:wheel ? Proxmox had no problem mounting the whole RancherOS onto NFS on a directory with the same exact permisions. Why is this a problem? What am I missing. Or are there just fundamental problems with some containers not specifically designed to have persistent volumes mounted?

Hi @ThePfaffanater,

I faced this also couple of months ago. I assume that you have installed on your cluster Nfs-Client-Provisioner from helm chart.

I had this problem with 1.2.5 version, when I used 1.2.4 instead problems were gone.

How your setup looks like?