Issue with RKE2 Downstream K8s Cluster Upgrade


I’m encountering an issue while upgrading our RKE2 Kubernetes downstream cluster from version “v1.26.11+rke2r1” to “v1.26.15+rke2r1”. Our cluster consists of 3 nodes with “etcd, controlplane & worker” roles on each node. Here are the details of the problem:

Problem Description:

  • After updating the 1st node successfully, the 2nd node is not progressing to the updating/reconciling state.
  • The 3rd node is stuck in a reconciling state with the following error: “Node condition MemoryPressure is Unknown. Node condition DiskPressure is Unknown. Node condition PIDPressure is Unknown. Node condition Ready is Unknown., waiting for probes: kube-apiserver, kube-controller-manager, kube-scheduler”

Could someone assist with troubleshooting this issue? It seems related to node conditions and probe failures.

Followed “Upgrading and Rolling Back Kubernetes | Rancher” as reference.

Please provide me the resolution or the steps to upgrade the cluster.

Thank you in advance!!

Is this resolved? If not can you ssh into the node and check the journals of rke2-server and see if there’s anything wrong? It would be journalctl -xeu rke2-server -f