Working RKE2 node with Provisioning status

Hi everyone,

Several months ago I have deployed and use RKE2 clusters starting with v1.21.6+rke2r1.

Within Cluster Management section of Rancher, on one of these nodes, I have a peculiar message saying that has remained in a Provisioning state, even if until now I have used and deployed various workloads successfully.

Drilling down the cluster details I can notice that a “Failure when appling plan” message with Provisioning log mentioning “waiting for etcd snapshot”:

Checking the etcd snapshots, I can see there are snapshots created recently.

But looking at the Related Resources section I can see a “Waiting for infra” for CAPI Cluster:

Please bare in mind that the current running version of Kubernetes and RKE is v1.21.6+rk2r1 and wanted to update to v1.22.7+rke2r2, which doen’t seem to work.

Can you please advise what could be done with this node in order to fix this impediment?