Java 17 on SLES 12.4 s390x?

Hi! We have an s390x running SLES 12 sp4. It currently has Java 8, but we need Java 17 for an application. This IBM Semeru page lists OpenJDK 17 as available for Linux on the s390x.

Do you think it could be installed and run successfully on such a dated Linux, or do we need to upgrade to SLES 15 first?

Is there a different Java 17 available for the s390x running SLES 12 sp4 that would be better?

Thanks so much for your experienced advice!

@jordanedl Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
You can use SUSE Customer Center to search for packages :wink:

Looks like you need to be at SLE 15 SP4 s390x to get Java 17…

Thanks! I appreciate your help!