SLES 11 java-1_7_0-ibm

Hi there,

can anyone help to understand SLES provided java version(IBM License) or can provide where to find the additional information for the package ?

How to compare the version 1.7.0.sr8.10 to last java version 1.7u75 ?
What mean ibm licenced ?

I will understand the installed java version to may replace it with official oracle java.

Thanks a lot !

Greetings Till

SUSE ships IBM’s java because it can, where apparently with Oracle’s it
cannot. You are welcome to replace the existing one, or more-commonly,
add any Java you want to the existing system. A lot of people add an
Oracle JRE or JDK to existing systems for applications that require that
version of Java. While both are Java runtimes, there is the potential for
low-level differences, just like there are between versions of Oracle
Java, or Oracle Java and the Open JDK.

Good luck.

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