k3OS PXE boot - Stalls out

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to PXE boot k3OS but it’s stalling out before I get a shell. Console log,

  • Starting k3s-service … [ ok ]
    [ ok ]
  • Caching service dependencies … [ ok ]
  • Checking open-iSCSI configuration … * Loading iSCSI modules … * Loading libiscsi … [ ok ]
  • Loading scsi_transport_iscsi … [ ok ]
  • Loading iscsi_tcp … [ ok ]
  • Starting iscsid … * Setting up iSCSI targets …iscsiadm: No records found
    [ ok ]
  • Starting issue … [ ok ]
    ssh-keygen: generating new host keys: RSA DSA ECDSA ED25519
  • Starting sshd … [ ok ]
  • Starting local … [ ok ]
    ~stalls here~

Can someone spot the mistake?

== cloud-config.yml


  • “ssh-rsa A4CowH66a6bJbRK3W5zZ”
  • “echo run && echo bye”
  • “echo boot && echo bye”
  • “echo init && echo bye”
    password: rancher


== PXE Config

set base-url http://ipxe.domain/k3OS/0.2.1
kernel ${base-url}/vmlinuz printk.devkmsg=on console=tty1 console=ttyS0,9600n8 
k3os.mode=live k3os.debug=true k3os.install.config_url=http://ipxe.domain/k3OS/cloud- 
initrd ${base-url}/initrd


Those are the only config files I’ve used. SSH doesn’t work using either my SSH key or connecting as rancher user with the password set in the cloud-config even though it starts sshd.

Thx, J

Most of the k3os keys in the config and kernel include .install. in the key. Can someone comment if they still activate if I set k3os.mode=live? I’ve tracked down that the cloud-config is never grabbed during boot.

Running into the same issue (not stalling but not picking up the config when k3os.mode=live). Did you ever get this straightened out? Would love to run k3os in-mem

I couldn’t get k3os.install.config_url to work with http:// URLs, nor https:// URLS with self-signed certs.

when I checked my configs into a github repo and accessed them from there, k3os.mode=install worked first time.

I haven’t gotten around to testing k3os.mode=live again yet