K3s/containerd upgarde

I am running several k3s clusters that I am upgrading from a Rancher 2 server.
I noticed that k3s is upgraded correctly, but the containerd version did not change since the initial installation.

$ sudo k3s --version
k3s version v1.18.8+k3s1 (6b595318)

$ sudo k3s ctr version
Version: v1.3.3-k3s2

Version: v1.3.3-k3s2
UUID: 14c398ee-9abf-4053-a1c2-6eafc909bb66

Latest rancher/containerd release seems to be v1.3.6-k3s2.

Is v1.3.3-k3s2 the right version for k3s v1.18.8+k3s1 or is there another way to upgrade it?


We have not backported containerd updates from master to any of the release branches. In general, the release branches just see updates to the k8s version, plus critical fixes from master.

If for some reason you’re looking for a newer version of containerd, you can run master (currently on 1.18.8), or wait for the 1.19 release, which will be based on the master branch.