K3s hangs on Windows 10 Pro WSL 2

k3s server hangs at message “I0309 17:07:40.619693 16949 controller.go:107] OpenAPI AggregationController: Processing item v1beta1.metrics.k8s.io

I want to install k3s according to https://www.freshbrewed.science/k3s-on-win-10-wsl-2/index.html and followed the described steps on Win 10 Pro and Ubuntu distro in WSL 2.

sudo ./k3s server seems to hang and does not return. I cannot run commands like k3s kubectl get node

Versions: k3s version v1.17.0+k3s.1 (0f64465) on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 19577.rs_prerelease.200228-1439

Is there something special I have to consider when running k3s on WSL 2?
Many thanks in advance!

The server doesn’t hang. Actually I found out this output is quite ok…

So does it work as it should?