SUSE 12SP3 x64 installer hanging

Steps to reproduce:

  • got a server 4CPUs, 8GB RAM, 16x2TB, 2x1Gb/Sec NICs
  • installed SLES 12 SP3 x64 with SUSE Enterprise storage extention and KVM as a host operating system
  • Installed Win10x64 VM, tested network and works fine
  • Installed TinyOS VM, tested network and works fine
  • during the installation of SLES12 SP3x64 VM

Observed Behavior:

It hangs during the installation

Message “Updating the installer…”


Certainly seems odd; have you tried skipping the update portion, maybe by
disabling networking temporarily?

How long does it “hang” before you give up? Maybe the networking is
already disabled and it just needs to reach a timeout before it moves on.

Good luck.

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