K3s needs 512MB RAM/server, 75MB RAM/node -- true?


Trying to learn Kubernetes by playing around with it. Initially I was using Minikube on my laptop, but then I started looking out for ways to do bit more ambitious things s.a. setup multinode cluster to see how (and how well) high-availability works. Came across [this (perhaps dated) article](https://www.padok.fr/en/blog/minikube-kubeadm-kind-k3s) through which I learnt about K3s, which gives this very impressive statement about the minimum config support (of K3s):

  • Linux 3.10+
  • 512 MB of ram per server
  • 75 MB of ram per node
  • 200 MB of disk space
  • x86_64, ARMv7, ARM64

While I did come across mention of min. recommended RAM of 512 MB for servers, but so far not of the 75MB for nodes. Are the above figures still correct ? Where are they mentioned in the documentation ?