K3s on ubuntu vm

Hello Everyone,

I have installed k3s on a ubuntu vm.
Is it possible to have k3s server and k3s agent on the same machine?
If so, what steps are required to configure?

I tried installing k3s agent on the same machine. When I start to service, it is failing?
Error is “Address already in use”
Please help.


K3s and RKE2 master nodes are worker node by default unless you taint them. The agent flag mainly just sets the node role to worker instead of master/control-plane/etcd. So you only need to run the k3s installer on the node once.

When I list the nodes, I see only master role. Is it fine? can we deploy pods ?
seeing following error

Failed to bind volumes: timed out waiting for the condition

Yes, you should be fine to deploy your pods. The error your getting about the volume is a different issue.

Would you mind sharing your deployment YAML? I’m guessing it’s trying to bind mount to a directory on the host that doesn’t exist or something like that.

Seeing error while describing pvc name