K3s w/ etcd fails to restart after IP Change

I installed k3s with the following, single node (eventually to be joined with more).

curl -sfL https://get.k3s.io | INSTALL_K3S_VERSION=v1.29.0+k3s1 K3S_TOKEN=MyTokenHere sh -s - server --cluster-init --tls-san=node1.my.tld

Worked fine, until the IP address on the network changed (hardware was moved to a new location). DNS was updated for node1.my.tld however k3s does not restart. journal -u k3s shows an etcd issue:

Feb 03 22:18:40 n1 k3s[7162]: time="2024-02-03T22:18:40Z" level=info msg="Failed to test data store connection: this server is a not a member of the etcd cluster. Found [node1-59def597=], expect: node1-59def597="

Is there are way to properly address this change in IP address? Or should I have installed it with a different command (ie did I miss a name alias argument)?

I didn’t find the way to “change” the IP in etcd nor if I had somehow setup something wrong. But I did run across a bug report that lead to me to a “solution” of sorts.

k3s server --cluster-reset

It’s a non-destructive reset that resets “the etcd cluster membership list to a single node with the current ip”. So with that cluster-reset I could move forward again.