K8s Web GUI Crash: Can't Handle High Volume of Folders in Vsphere 8

Hello all,

I am attempting to utilize a helm chart deployed Rancher Stable ( chart_version: v2.7.6 ) on a Kubernetes cluster ( kube_version: v1.26.8 ), and I am seeing the web interface crash when trying to deploy a workload cluster. It happens when selecting the folder parameter, and I believe it is due to having so many folders in vSphere. I have attempted making a limited user to circumvent scanning these many folders, but when inspecting the web page, it tells me to debug the script: webpack:///node_modules/vue/dist/vue.runtime.esm.js

I did see this article as well, but I didn’t see a resolution: vSphere node folder never found when creating cluster

Does anyone have suggestions on mending or debugging?