Keeps rebooting after Install to Disk

I am trying to set it up in a proxmox cluster as a KVM VM.
So I boot on the iso, setup the network from the console, write the cloud_config.yml file and install with ros install.
Installing seems to happen fine but when I try to reboot then it keeps booting again and again.
I have no idea what’s going on…
Here is the print screen from the console:

Had the same kernel panic, with the same infrastructure as you (proxmox) – However its not related to that, my problem was my cloud config was slightly invalid (It doesnt seem to validate it before hand) which caused a kernel panic after what seemed a successful install. I want to say it was due to a mix of spaces/tabs, but I dont recall…

@vialcollet What’s in your cloud-config.yml?

Hi and thanks for your help.
Here is my cloud-config.yml:

  - ssh-rsa...
        dhcp: false
      - ip route add dev eth0
      - ip route add default gw

I just checked and the YAML passes validation tests.

I have a similar problem however I installed rancheros iso file on a virtualbox virtual machine. It keeps rebooting. Don’t know what to do. Any help welcome.

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check if your vm has more than 1.5Gb of memory

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