Kernel problem with esxi 6.7

We encountered a problem which occurred after restarting.
vCenter 6.7 and host 6.7

Everything has been working fine for a few weeks. On 2nd March 2021 the virtual machine was restarted (according to plan), but it never switched back on. A black screen kept appearing with a blinking white pointer. Access was only possible via SSH/ vmware console.

When running a check of the warnings in the /var/log folder, a problem with the kernel was identified, causing it not to load correctly.

We started the program in rescue mode from the installation support unit and ran the xfs_repair on the root patition.

Once the process was completed, we restarted it to verify that everything was working correctly.

The kernel errors disappeared and no failures appeared during the boot process on restart, but when logging in via ssh/console we were presented with the following error: “ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

The machine results completely out of order and unusable.

Could this be due to a fix update in the background which may have affected the kernel?