Kubectl Hung using Rancher 2.0


I’m running Rancher 2.1.6 - we’re using a custom setup on-premise using Centos for our nodes.
Our user is have strange issues where the kubectl will hang on deleting a deployment via the command line.
To reproduce the issue he provided

kubectl run kuard --generator=run-pod/v1 --image=gcr.io/kuar-demo/kuard-amd64:1 -o yaml --dry-run > /tmp/kuard.yaml
kubectl create -f /tmp/kuard.yaml (create the deployment)
kubectl delete -f /tmp/kuard.yaml (where it hangs)

I ran the kubectl with --v=8 and there is part of the output where it hangs calling back to Rancher.
This where its stuck for a long time in the output where the kubectl is hung.
Since the response time for the GET is so long - 200 OK in 1532 milliseconds, I’m wondering if Rancher is hanging up the call somehow.

Interestingly - using kubectl delete with --wait=false doesn’t have the issue - despite the hanging up of the command the deployment is deployed - it just hangs the cli.

Anyone seen this problem before? Is it Rancher or a K8 issue - trying figure out which way to go.

Thank you,


I0215 11:03:17.480697 5925 round_trippers.go:416] GET https://devops-mgmt-noc01.xxx.com/k8s/clusters/c-tgw2v/api/v1/namespaces/default/pods?fieldSelector=metadata.name%3Dkuard&resourceVersion=2576970&watch=true
I0215 11:03:17.480711 5925 round_trippers.go:423] Request Headers:
I0215 11:03:17.480716 5925 round_trippers.go:426] Accept: application/json
I0215 11:03:17.480720 5925 round_trippers.go:426] User-Agent: kubectl/v1.13.2 (darwin/amd64) kubernetes/cff46ab
I0215 11:03:17.480725 5925 round_trippers.go:426] Authorization: Bearer kubeconfig-u-pfnt8:tchvftz967dc76mwrsts6fm6cq7prghp2jw5g2qr7tcsk2hj7k9g8q
I0215 11:03:19.012920 5925 round_trippers.go:441] Response Status: 200 OK in 1532 milliseconds
I0215 11:03:19.012936 5925 round_trippers.go:444] Response Headers:
I0215 11:03:19.012941 5925 round_trippers.go:447] Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2019 19:03:17 GMT
I0215 11:03:19.012945 5925 round_trippers.go:447] Content-Type: application/json

-Found additional thing in kubelet container running on worker node where the pod was created.

[WARNING][73640] workloadendpoint.go 72: Operation Delete is not supported on WorkloadEndpoint type