Kubelet failed to get node info


I am running a k8s cluster with several nodes, all VMs. I am trying to add a new node (also a VM) but the kubelet keeps restarting. On the logs I get the message:
kubelet.go:1370] Kubelet failed to get node info: failed to get external ID from cloud provider: instance not found

I am running Rancher 1.6.25
Docker 17.03.2-ce (the docker root dir is “/rancher/docker_run”)
K8s v1.9.5

Thanks in advance

I´ve noticed that the command to call the kubelet on this new node is a bit different: it adds at the end of the command the parameter --cgroup-driver=cgroupfs --hostname-override srv-rancher-prod-infra-1.tcu.gov.br
When I look at other nodes this parameter is absent