Kubernetes feature gates

How can I enable feature gates for Kubernetes in Rancher 2? I’d like to enable the PersistentLocalVolumes gate available in k8s 1.7.

The components are deployed using https://github.com/rancher/rancher-catalog/blob/v2.0-release/infra-templates/k8s-support/v2.0.0-alpha1/compose.yml. This does not allow configuration from the UI just yet, in v1.6 we have KUBELET_OPTS as a configurable option.

You can add your own catalog and use the feature gate for now, like so: https://github.com/superseb/rancher-catalog/commit/3069d31e7fce4add49a83dbeb9c298fbcbbe4490

Thanks very much for the reply, I will give it a whirl.

I am on the latest Rancher 2.0 preview.
I tried the infra-templates/k8s-support/v2.0.0-alpha1/compose.yml with these additions
- --feature-gates=PersistentLocalVolumes=true
- --feature-gates=VolumeScheduling=true

Unable to find schema for “volumetemplate”

I just added this Git https://github.com/rancher/rancher-catalog.git to try and add addons-infra-core-services from there. But I get a Template version not found