Enable feature gate in 1.6.11

I’ve seen this question posted to the Rancher 2.0 Tech Preview, but I’m currently working with the 1.6.11 release. I need to enable a few alpha features in kubernetes, but I don’t quite understand how to configure them in the kubernetes config.

I’ve cloned the rancher-catalog locally and created a new docker-compose.yaml.tpl file. Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand how to make sure this new docker-compose file is used for my new k8s deployment.

Here’s (in brief) what my structure looks like (cloned from rancher/rancher-catalog):

infra-templates/k8s/37/docker-compose.yaml.tpl --> added feature gate to commands
infra-tempaltes/k8s/37/rancher-compose.yaml.tpl --> modified version of template

This repo is accessible via my account on Github, but I’m not sure how to make sure my specific change to k8s is pulled when I deploy a new template. In fact, after adding the Gitthub repo to my Rancher deployment, I’m not positive I’m even seeing the changes

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Ah, I think I’ve found the secret sauce. I’ll document the steps I did and any criticism or correction is absolutely welcome.

  • Create new folder in infra-templates/k8s and copy config files
  • Modify those config files and provide rancher with a new version name
  • Update config.yaml in infra-templates/k8s so the name is unique (to tell it apart in the UI)
  • Modified config.yaml in templates/kubernetes and templates/k8s so the name is likewise unique
  • Committed changes and pushed to test branch in Github
  • Added my Github repo and the test branch to the Admin -> Settings
  • Disabled Rancher Certified and Community libraries
  • After catalog update occurs (set to 300s by default), I was able to create a new environment using this template

Yes you can use your own catalog like this to use custom infrastructure services, keep in mind that using custom catalogs are not supported in upgrade paths as we can’t ensure what has been added/changed/removed. Could you share your repository so we can check if we can make a change upstream so you can use the official catalog?

Hey superseb,

Here’s the test repo I threw together:

I used the add-feature-gate branch in my local deployment.


Thanks for the example, I’ve filed an issue to track this. https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/10445