Kubernetes Service Addresses

Hi all,

I’m trying to use Kubernetes as my scheduler and I’m running into some difficulties. For some reason, when I launch a Service of type NodePort, it can correctly pick up which Pods it’s balancing, but it sets an incorrect IP address.

For example, if my Pods are on the 10.42.X.X space, the Service record in DNS points to 10.43.X.X, thus making them unreachable. I can access the individual containers by their Rancher-given IPs just fine however. Thanks.

Services are assigned Cluster IPs which are also private network IPs, but from a different pool from the pods.

In order to make the services available externally, you need to edit it from type “Cluster IP” to type “LoadBalancer”. Once you make the change, Rancher automatically creates a Rancher Load Balancer for your service.

See the Feb 2016 Rancher Meet Up video for more information (beginning at minute 47:35 mark).