Learning kubernetes...running into some hiccups

I been in love with rancher, and using cattle for orchestrating (still a bit new to it), and perhaps foolishly, decided to try kubernetes orchestration instead. I seem to be running into some hiccups that needs clarification.

Rancher v1.1.3
Cattle v0.165.8.1
User Interface v1.1.12
Rancher Compose v0.8.6

So I start Rancher, and set env to kubernetes and launch hosts. everything seems to be working fine so far. I didnt want to deploy stuff via ranche UI, so i downloaded kubectl and used the config generated by rancher.

(following this guide: http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/simple-nginx/)

I do:

kubectl run my-nginx --image=nginx --replicas=2 --port=80

works correctly…i see the 2 pods in rancher ui>pods, as well as the infrastructure (its running on both my hosts)

however it doesnt seem to be accessible…according to the guide, i need to run few more commands to expose my pods to the outside internet:

kubectl expose deployment my-nginx --port=80 --type=LoadBalancer

it runs fine, and i see the new LB in rancher ui > services.

now here comes the hiccups

according to guide, i should get an external ip: kubectl get services but the return is

next, there is no way for me to access the new loadbalancer from any info listed in services tab.

in order to find the load balancer, i need to go to infrastructure>select show system>LB

using the IP of the host of where the load balancer is deployed (after selecting show system) i can reach nginx…is this how it is supposed to be? im fairly new to docker /rancher, so not sure if this is the supposed path