Kubernetes Stalls on " Creating Kubernetes system stack"

I am trying to install Kubernetes in AWS within my HA environment. I am running:

RancherOS from ami-9515feed
The k8s environment is k8 with cloud provider listed as aws.
docker v 1.12.3
kubernetes version 1.8.3-rancher2

I have tried custom and ec2 installs and all of them stall out at " Creating Kubernetes system stack" There are no error logs in the logs, just info logs which all seem to be working normally and receiving calls. The containers that do spin up are the rancher-agent and rancher-agent-bootstrap, but the bootstrap agent is stopped every time. If I try to start it then it just stops again after a few seconds with no errors in the logs.

My security group has ingress of all traffic from all places. I changed it to that for testing and plan to restrict it more once it is working again. I have launched with both Public and private IP addresses. At this point I am stuck. I even let the system try to run through the weekend to no avail still was stuck at " Creating Kubernetes system stack".

If you could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


I’m having the same issue with Azure VMs. I’ve got it working but the rancher-agent-bootstrap keeps stopping. @Rancher Is that supposed to happen?

I ended up contacting Rancher through their slack channel, which was very helpful. What we figured out is that this was only happening with Kubernetes stacks. It wouldn’t install Kubernetes. After troubleshooting we figured out that I created my database with the wrong charset. So I tore down my mysql database and used this command to create a new one.

create database rancher DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

Let me know if that helps. I hope you are able to find your answer. I know that the community support with Rancher was a great experience for me. Feel free to reach out with any Questions.

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Thanks, i’ll have a look and see if that was the issue. Tbh, it was just a test at this stage to try out the kubernetes support so it’s no biggie if it doesn’t work but it would be nice to know what the issue was.

Thanks again,