Kubernetes containers stuck in init loop

I set up a rancher server a while ago and have recently upgraded it. It sits behind an ELB. All seems to work fine for cattle and standard custom hosts. I’m able to add hosts etc.

However, when I try and setup a Kubernetes environment I run in to problems. The cluster setup never completes. I am just running with one host and understand this should be okay, though I do plan to add additional hosts later.

I am using Docker 1.12 on Alpine hosts and the latest v1.2.0-pre4-rc2.

I’m guessing that my problem is something to do with the additional ports needing to be open because although some of the Kubernetes containers initialise okay some others do not. Logs for the containers that fail to load show problems with communications. For example one of the containers continually has logs that are trying to curl something from rancher meta services (i.e. Waiting for metadata).

My original ELB set up only called for this to be setup:

My health check is on port http port 8080 too. Think I might need to add or change the way listeners are setup in order to get my Kubernetes containers to initialise properly.

Anyone got any pointers as to what I need to do?

Currently, the RCs for pre4 are very unstable and we do not recommend them.

This was a known issue with v1.2.0-pre4-rc2.

Thanks Denise. I kind of figured that out and am now making some good progress with v1.2.0-pre3.

I actually started a new topic describing my setup process. But Askimet spam filtering seems to have sent it to you for moderation. I think it’s pretty useful post providing you guys think the nginx config is compatible with Rancher Server.

My method allows for a really quick way to automatically stand up a single node Rancher Server behind nginx with SSL certs automatically registered from Let’s Encrypt with automated ongoing renewal of those certs too.

Would be great if someone could unblock and take a look at my other post and then let me know if I’m missing anything. I’ve spent a few days solid on this now and would like to crack on with standing up some hosts and getting Kubernetes running tomorrow.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.