Lab 3.3 - Pushing a Simple Web App

Hi everyone.

Has anybody was able to push example web-app at all ? This lab exercise seems not working at all.
It fails on cf push command.

Has anybody some clue what to do with this?

Also i had try to install newest python buildpack from /course_files/CAP101/labs/buildpacks as this:

cf create-buildpack python-buildpack-cached 11

But naturally it fails with this error:
error seeking a stream on retry: Unexpected Response
Response Code: 500

I had try to push web-app with different python buildpack, but it was not possible to install this version from lab files.

Any idea ? How to push web-app properly ?

It is mandatory to delete some pods before.

kubectl -n scf delete pod bits-0
kubectl -n scf delete pod api-grooup-0
kubectl -n scf delete pod cc-clock-0

After that installing buildpacks and pushing web-app application works properly.

Yes, deleting those pods may help.