LDAP - jar integrate

Hello everybody,
I 'm going old LDAP - Server (SLES 9 ) to new LDAP - to migrate Server (SLES 11 SP3).
My problem is that I did TOGETHER Java and LDAP not know the old server and Java - Files integrates in the form of jar file. Can anyone tell me how to jar - files can include or someone knows a good tutorial ? My results so far been unsuccessful.



I’m not entirely sure what you’re wanting to do. Could you explain more
about your current environment, where you want to go, and what you know
about JARs and LDAP?

If you are using JAR files then presumably you have a Java-based web
application service, something like Apache Tomcat, for example. If you
want to move that service to a new system and keep it working, then yes
you may need to determine where the old JARs are and copy them over,
though they may all be in the same directory structure as other parts of
the application. The nice thing about Java is that this type of thing is
usually pretty easy allowing you to copy over an application from here to
there without much worry about compatibility, for the most part.

Good luck.

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Hello! Thank you for your note with the Application Server . Unfortunately I do not have experience with LDAP and may replace our old server 9 with SLES to a server running SLES 11 SP3.

Hi TRex1,

unfortunately, at least to me it is not clear what you’re actually facing - to replace SLES9 with SLES11SP3 does surely change a lot of things and I cannot tell from your description where the mentioned JAR files would fit into the picture.

Most likely the jars (plus additional stuff, like configuration) belong to some application - can you tell us more about that? You’ll have to migrate that “application” to the new platform (SLES11SP3) and need to determine the run-time requirements (i.e. dependencies on certain JRE versions, application server environments and alike). Only then you can tell if this is feasible at all and what might need to be done on the new server to get the application rolling again.

Or is this some LDAP server extension provided via jar files? Then what LDAP server are you using on the SLES9 and how was that extension configured there?

Generally speaking, I believe this is less a problem of LDAP knowledge, but rather knowing (or telling us, if you already know) what you have in front of you… any info you offer, above what you stated in your initial message?