Let's Encrypt failed to start

I tried to use the Let’s Encrypt service from the Rancher Catalog but it ended with the error :

27/06/2016 01:56:48level=info msg="Starting Let's Encrypt Certificate Manager v0.3.0 f8965f6" 27/06/2016 01:56:48level=fatal msg="Required environment variable not set: CATTLE_URL"

Any idea why the CATTLE_URL is not set, I’m using the Cattle environment by the way.
Thanks in advance.

To answer my own question, it does seem to work when resetting the labels :
io.rancher.container.create_agent: 'true’
io.rancher.container.agent.role: environment
Sometimes, Rancher loses this labels after a container upgrade.

Created this issue to address waht you’re seeing. Long story short, we don’t automatically copy over any io.container labels, they need some kind of UI equivalent for them to be upgraded/cloned.

Hi @denise,
I didn’t notice that those labels wasn’t automatically added after a upgrade.
Thanks for the issue on github.