Lightweight K3s Rancher Node

I’m looking to use Rancher’s K3s on IOT devices, but I want to manage it from Rancher

Is there a way to deploy and manage K3s nodes from Rancher?

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What do you mean by “deploy and manage”? K3s is just another way to create a Kubernetes cluster. You use K3s to create a cluster, and then you can import it into Rancher, and from then on Rancher will manage the cluster just like any other Kubernetes cluster.

I don’t think there is currently a way to create a K3s Kubernetes cluster from Rancher itself. The current way to make a custom cluster uses Docker to run Kubernetes, not K3s.

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You’re completely right!

I haven’t thought about it that way yet! I wanted Rancher to deploy K3S to the node (less work for me)

But if that doesn’t exist, it’s nice that I can import any kubernetes cluster into Rancher. I’ll give that a try


I assume you’ve read through the K3s docs, it’s about as simple as it gets to install (unless you need to customise a bunch of stuff).

There are also a range of other k3s ‘installers’ (actually that does them a bit of an injustice) such as k3sup

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