LLVM15-devel package not available in SLES15 SP5

Forgive me if posted under wrong topic channel!
In SLES15 SP4, packages clang15-devel and llvm15-devel were available, but these -devel packages are unavailable in SP5. Checking package search here shows no results. Similarly no results from a zypper wp to see if they are provided by another package. Are these packages available for SP5 from any module?

If not, is an rpm specfile available for building them?


@crunchyjoea Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
I see in SP4 they were in the Package Hub repository, they have now moved to the base system in SP5. Perhaps an oversight, you would need to raise a support ticket and ask for them to be added I suspect.

Thanks for the response! I’ll see if I can reach out to support.

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