local accounts to LDAP

Hi, we are looking at migrating approx. 75-100 servers to a new VM
infrastructure. As part of this migration we want to make all
authentication use LDAP (eDirectory).

Anyone have any good ideas on how we can migrate the existing local
users with the exisitng UIDs/GIDs and migrate them to eDirectory
somewhat easily? We need to keep the same UIDs/GIDs due to existing
applications and file rights.


There is, in this question, the assumption that that the UIDs/GID sare
unique for all users, meaning that UID of 1234 is only used for one
identity (person), even if used on multiple systems, and also that person
A only ever has UID 1234 across all systems.

If that’s the case, getting the list of users from all systems and
assigning those UIDs to eDirectory objects should be pretty easy, assuming
the usernames match up between the current servers and the accounts in the

If you have mismatches or inconsistencies then there is a bit more work to
do since a user should only have one UID, and a UID ca only be used by one

Good luck.

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