Logging Configuration UI - ClusterOutput in Flows issue

In Rancher 2.5.5 when I install Logging I can then configure ClusterOutput and use it in a Flow in any namespace.

Same thing does not work in 2.5.7 and does not work in 2.5.8.
Here is a scenario

  • I have ElasticSearch Cluster Output configured and tested with a ClusterFlow

Now I

  • go to Flow (no a Cluster one, just a Flow)
  • Create
  • set Name
  • Select “default” namespace
  • Switch to Outputs
  • Cluster Outputs dropdown has only “Sorry, no matching options.”
    I expect to see my configured ClusterOutput there.

And tt seem that this is just a UI issue. If I now

  • Select cattle-logging-system namespace
  • my ClusterOutput does show up in the dropdown and I can select it.
  • then I can switch namespace back to “default”
  • and ClusterOutput selected will stay in place - with a small circled “i” poping up with “This cluster output doesn’t exist”
  • though Flow with this ClusterOutput works perfectly fine.

Thank you