Logging + Graylog

Hello everyone,

We use Graylog with logging tool. In my Rancher cluster, I set up for sending all logs for Graylog. I’m using Rsyslog protocol.

But I have some questions about it. When I configure my logging inside Rancher to use Rsyslog the message example doesn’t show “log message” (Error, actually state).

Timestamp = July 3rd 2018, 3:32:54
Host =
Program =
Message =

That’s ok, It works. I have received messages about namespace, environment, host and other information but not the main information “logs messages”.

Is possible pick up the log message through Rsyslog?


I added a feature request to support the GELF Graylog format:

Currently i’m just using the syslog connector (but parsing/field extraction is missing then)


Hi @dnauck,

I hope that this feauture to be add soon!! But for the time I have used other way for… I’ve disabled log trought Rancher Admin Interface for all my clusters before I did deployed GELF with a daemonset inside my Kubernetes Cluster. By the way You’ll need deploy this solution for all your clusters. In my environment We have three cluster, so I needed to make three demonset deploy, one for each environment. I configured a port for each one.

Thank you!