Production Monitoring of Containers in Rancher server

Hi All,

I am exploring below list items on rancher server for windows environments,

  1. Production level monitoring
  2. Centralised logging mechanism for containers

Can any one point me to correct links or articles on whether this is possible and how to achieve this.

I could find many articles and links for using ELK stack and Prometheus, but they all are or linux based containers.

Thanks in advance,

We are using graylog as central logging service. it is very easy as elf log driver included in docker …
Logging is configured from ranchers gui.
Look here for cli example …

Hi @frintrop

Thank you. I tried to implement this by integrating a hello world image with graylog.I have my graylog web UI up and running.

I created plain text UDP input and sent log and same was seen in Graylog UI.
Next I created a input of GELF UDP type with port 7990 .None of these logs seems getting pushed to graylog.

Do you think corporate proxy will be the issue?


HI @frintrop,

I figured it out and looks good.
Thank you for pointing towards graylog.